Why the 30 Day No Contact Rule is a Lie

Why the 30 Day No Contact Rule is a Lie

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Why is the 30 Day No Contact Rule a lie?

Well to make money of course. There is an idea, a product, spread all over Youtube, that you should wait 30 days of radio silence before contacting your ex if you want to get them back.

Dating Guy explains why this is bad idea. It’s not based on any studies or even logic or reason.
Other dating coaches push the 30 day lie in order to keep you from breaking the habit of moving on from your ex and fully healing. If they don’t, then they may not be able to sell their product to you.

Want to get your ex back? Then this video is going to give you the hard truth. It is important you don’t start pursuing somebody who broke up with you, because 90% of the time they are not going to want it… or they would have simply break no contact themselves if you had let them.

You are likely searching: Will my ex come back? This video is going to give you some key information of what to do and what not to do.

If you want to get back together with your ex, the best advice out there is to go no contact forever. There is no timeline on it. If you want advice or a plan, take some time to heal first and do nothing. When you are thinking more clearly then you are in the best position possible to make informed decisions.

But by contacting someone who broke up with you, they will be defensive and resist it. The advice given online as examples of what to say are awful and Dating Guy goes through why they do and don’t work.

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