What To Do When he Pulls Away

What To Do When he Pulls Away

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Have you felt a guy pull away from you emotionally, and not known how to respond?

When a guy you’re seeing or dating pulls away from you, it can send your thoughts and emotions into overdrive. Why is he pulling away? Did you do something wrong? And most importantly, is your relationship in jeopardy?

Many women in this situation forget that men pull away for a variety of reasons, and many of the reasons men pull away have nothing at all to do with his relationship with you.

But where does that leave you? What do you do when he pulls away?

If you freak out, you could easily make things worse and push him further away. This is NOT what you want to happen when a guy pulls away.

When a guy pulls away, you have to get to the bottom of what’s going on, supporting him throughout the process while taking care not to overstep your boundaries.

In this video, I describe a careful, well-thought-out way to handle this situation that rebuilds your connection without any risk of pushing him further. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to get him back when you feel him pulling away.

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