What do LDS Girls Look For in Guys?! – LDS Dating Tips with Sunday Jess

What do LDS Girls Look For in Guys?! – LDS Dating Tips with Sunday Jess

ever wonder what lds girls REALLY are looking for in an eternal companion? โค

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In this week’s video, my friend Sunday Jess and I talk about what LDS girls look for in guys. We first talk about dreaded “list” that LDS youth create of a list of all of the qualities they want in a spouse. We then talk about our lds dating experience and how we really found out what we wanted. We talked about the balance between having too high of standards and having to compromise and even talked about the qualities we were looking for in a companion while dating. Lastly we talk about whether or not you should date a non-member, only date returned missionaries and more!

What qualities are most important to you while searching for an eternal companion? Let me know in the comments below!

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