There Are 4 Types Of Introverts In the World, Which Are You?

There Are 4 Types Of Introverts In the World, Which Are You?

How to date an introvert? How to understand introverted people? There are only four types of introverts out there. Not all introverts are the same.

Many people think that all introverts are shy. In fact, there are different kinds of an introvert, including those who aren’t opposed to the idea of socializing with others — they simply enjoy being only with a narrow circle of close friends and relatives.

Do you want to find out which type you are? How to tell if you are an introvert? Grab a pen and take our quick test to discover more about your personality!

If you chose mostly A answers, you’re a social introvert! You can be quite talkative and easy-going at times, especially with your close friends and family. You choose your friends wisely and carefully and open up only to the people you know you can trust anything, including your life.

If your answers are mostly B, you’re a thinking introvert. You usually don’t get overwhelmed by big groups of people or huge social events – you just stay in your lovely bubble and don’t notice anything around. You can spend hours being lost in your thoughts, playing with your imagination or analyzing everything around you.

If answers under the letter C were your go-tos, you’re an anxious introvert. You can go to a great length to avoid any communication because it scares you and makes you extra nervous. You often find yourself in awkward situations, when you don’t understand something properly, or people around don’t understand you. You have to slowly try to make yourself feel at least a bit comfortable in social groups, and come out of your shell.

If your answers mostly consist of D options, you’re a restrained introvert. You’re not a person, who loves being alone. You just prefer to think carefully before doing any work or interacting with somebody. You need some time to get going, and you can be a bit slow-moving, but that’s the only way you can function. You don’t get that uncomfortable in big groups of people, you just prefer to leave it for later, so you’d have some time to get used to the situation and feel comfortable.

Did your result match with your personality? Tell us in the comment section below.


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