The Most Effective Ways to Stop His Breadcrumbing Now!

The Most Effective Ways to Stop His Breadcrumbing Now!

In this video, you will learn 6 signs that a man is breadcrumbing you or leading you on just to keep you interested. I also explain exactly how to handle this manipulative dating tactic so you can turn things around, or walk away with you head up.

So Breadcrumbing is a newer term for a dating tactic that has become more popular recently because of texting and social media. And Basically, breadcrumbing is when someone is sporadically sending you flirtatious text messages, or DM’s or liking your social media posts just frequently enough so you don’t lose interest and just enough to keep you wondering if they are still interested.
And when you do respond and show him attention, he disappears again.
Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you know how frustrating it is to deal with, especially when you like someone. But don’t worry, you are about to learn the 6 most common signs of bread crumbing as well as the best ways to handle each one.

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