SixBlindKids – Bethany – Blind Girl’s Date Out With Mom, Chicken Fries, And Some Plans For 2020

SixBlindKids – Bethany – Blind Girl’s Date Out With Mom, Chicken Fries, And Some Plans For 2020

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It’s now 2020, and Bethany and Mom head out after being cooped up in the house for the last two weeks! With Dad being sick, everyone was ready to get back to work and school, and Bethany needed a few more days before heading back to her career center training position at the Senior Assisted Living Center. So Mom and Bethany headed off for some home decor shopping, and a little lunch at Burger King. Bethany wanted to try the “Chicken Fries”!

Mom and Bethany discuss some upcoming home decorating DIY projects including a new therapy room for Jesse and Obed, a powder room, closets, and the kitchen pantry.

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