Little girls dating advice – Every Girl Needs to Know this

Little girls dating advice – Every Girl Needs to Know this

Little girls dating advice- Every Girl Needs to Know this

Four Year old gives you advise on dating. She is telling her friend how to be with a guy and keep them happy. She explains that its very easy to keep the boyfriend .

Dating Advice. Dont worry…I got you covered girls.
First thing first, take care of your personal hygeine. Brush your teeth. Take shower. Put on the deodrant.
Not a rocket sciene, you know.

Number 2, talk about all the things you have in common. Although…its likely you dont have anything in common…because your interests include, oh my God, shoes, cloths, frizzy hair problems, make up hacks or how to get Kardashian’s butt.
But girls, most boys like sports.
All you have to do is watch sports TV 30 minutes everyday. Thats all easy peasy.

Number 3, dont act stupid. Show him you are desired. #BeautyWithBrains.

Lets move on.

Dont play it too hard, girl. Dont be desperate.
I just heard our song on radio. Oh my God, 2 minutes and no response. Lets text him. I miss you baby. No response again. Lets call him.
Include phone ringing sound here for 2-3 secs.

Oh my God, where is he? Lets check his Facebook. Happy one week anniversay sweetheart, wink wink.
Again, no response? Are you ignoring me? Go to hell.
Damn these guys.
I gotta go.

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