How to Plan Cheap Dates That Seem Expensive

How to Plan Cheap Dates That Seem Expensive

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You have a date this weekend, but your bank account balance is low. Plan an inexpensive outing that won’t make you look cheap.

Step 1:
Dress up a little. Put some thought and care into your outfit.

Step 2:
Make a fancy dinner. Lay out a nice tablecloth, your finest dinnerware, and a couple of wine glasses. Pick classy meals that are cheap to make, such as eggplant parmesan. Serve a bottle of wine.

Decorate the plates with a garnish, and drizzle any sauce over the dish in patterns to make it look professional.

Step 3:
Attend an independent or experimental theater where the tickets cost less than those of a professional theater company.

Step 4:
Visit a museum or an aquarium. Many museums offer free admission one evening of the week.

Step 5:
Go to a free wine tasting at a local winery. The ambiance of the winery will add to the illusion.

Step 6:
Take your date to a fancy restaurant for lunch. Many restaurants offer cheaper lunch menus with smaller portions. It will look like you can afford to go to an expensive restaurant even when you can’t.

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