Guide to DATING in Sobriety – Dating in Sobriety Tips

Guide to DATING in Sobriety – Dating in Sobriety Tips

In Episode 4 “Learn How to Start Dating in Sobriety: Swiping Sober on Tinder & Bumble!” we discuss dating in sobriety, romantic relationships, SOBER SEX, hooking up, and much much more.

Dating sucks. But dating in sobriety? That’s a WHOLE other animal. We discuss the in’s and out’s of dating sober.

We are not experts but we have TONS of experience…okay, not THAT much but enough to know what hasn’t worked, both in and out of sobriety.

We’ve gathered a few tips for and information about dating in sobriety, as requested by our IG followers. Although it’s suggested to not date in early recovery, that doesn’t stop people from doing it!

If you’re in recovery, sober curious, or just getting sober, take some dating advice from two people in recovery who have BEEN THROUGH IT! With this guide, we hope to give you a good understanding of what it’s like dating in sobriety.

We talk about our current status as young people dating while in recovery and how we go about navigating the world of romance in a sober fashion. Check out a few of the below resources that we think might be helpful if you’re thinking about dating in sobriety:

The Fix: Mistakes I’ve Made While Dating in Sobriety
Clean & Sober Love App

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