Girls Gone Dead

Girls Gone Dead

Rebecca, a beautiful young woman coming into her own, has been raised in a sheltered religious environment by her overbearing mother. She realizes itʼs her time to let loose and is set to spend her first Spring Break home from college with her old high school cheerleading friends. As luck would have it, the group of six sexy girls have been granted the usage of a rental property in the town of Manatee Creek; what they believe to be a bustling Florida community located between Cocoa and Daytona Beach. However, they are soon to find that the town isn’t what they expected. At the same time, in Daytona, “Crazy Girls Unlimited” – a company famous for it’s drunken, racy DVD releases – had been throwing a event for their latest video series. However, the shoot ended early when a killer, complete with a medieval war-hammer and battle axe, showed up to end the festivities. Unaware of what has transpired at the “Crazy Girls” party, Rebecca and her friends decide to throw a Spring Break Free-For-All and invite a group of guys who they had met at a local bar. But things donʼt go according to plan. For starters; Missy, whoʼs father owns the rental home, is being stalked by the new Sheriff’s Deputy. Rebeccaʼs mother, concerned about the possibility of her daughter behaving in a less than lady-like fashion, assigns Todd, an ex-boyfriend, to spy on her. And what happened to their friend Lisa? Why didnʼt she return from the bar the night before. Despite early warning signs of trouble brewing, the evening progresses as planned. However, the girls gets more than they bargained for when their friends begin to slowly disappear – and they realize the number of occupants in this rental home is dropping at an alarming rate. It seems an uninvited guest has been literally cutting through the guest list. This Spring Break…Get HAMMERED.


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