David Dobrik Launches New Phone App & Gifts Friends A Brand New Home!

David Dobrik Launches New Phone App & Gifts Friends A Brand New Home!

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There’s no doubt that David Dobrik was on the nice list this year. From giving cars away to surprising people with Kylie Jenner, to winning a Streamy Award earlier this month. But it looks like David never sleeps, because even during the week of Christmas, he was giving people exactly what they needed.

What’s up guys it’s Dani Golub here with Clevver News and on Christmas Eve, David gave us the gift of a new vlog on his Youtube page.

The video, “Meeting her boyfriend for the first time – bloopers” was mostly just a funny highlight video of David and a bunch of his friends that didn’t make the cut from his last few videos of the year.

But during the last couple of minutes of the video, David brings Jason Nash and his assistant Natalie to “A Place Called Home” – a youth charity center in Los Angeles that provides a safe haven for disadvantaged children.

David announces in the video that Warner Brothers gave him a whole U-Haul worth of DC-Universe toys to give to the children at the center as an early Christmas gift.

But after giving away all those puzzles and action figures to the boys and girls at A Place Called Home, David stopped by his old place of employment to give out a few more gifts.

He went to Brookdale, an assisted living home for the elderly, and handed some of his old co-workers a hefty Christmas bonus.

And we know that David has a rich history of giving away elaborate presents – like all the cars he’s been gifting away to his friends recently. Not to mention earlier this year when he gave away thousands of dollars to complete strangers in another one of his videos.

But his charity goes even further than that.

In another video he posted on Christmas Day, called “I Had To Slap Him Because of This (Surprise!), David goes back to his hometown and meets up with some of his friends from Illinois.

He brought them to a random address near their hometown, and then revealed to them that their gift was actually the house itself. They were obviously all really happy with the life changing surprise.

And what gift is he giving to the rest of us?

Well, he has officially put up his new disposable camera app. You know that the disposable camera has been pretty trendy this year. Even Tana brought one to the Streamys red carpet.

David has his own instagram account that consists exclusively of pictures taken on a disposable camera.

And his idea spread like wildfire, with a lot of other influencers following suit on an alternative instagram for themselves.

Well now david is taking it to the next level with a smartphone app that mimics the disposable camera. It looks just like the back of one you would pick up at any old store.

And the flash goes off every time just like it would on a real camera

The app even puts its own filter on the photos – which really take time to “develop”. All the photos you take in a day aren’t available to see until 9AM the next morning.

So you have to wait, just like you would in the good old days.

The only difference is you have an infinite amount of photos to take on this “disposable”.

I just wouldn’t throw out your thousand dollar iphone when you’re done, because there’s a slim chance david would buy you a new one.

The app itself is free, and you can choose to pay 1 dollar to get rid of all the ads.

What do you guys think? Is this a really cool idea for an app? Or do you prefer a real disposable camera? Let me know what you think in the comments below

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