Dating in France (vs. USA) aka I went on a date in Paris and here’s what happened…

Dating in France (vs. USA) aka I went on a date in Paris and here’s what happened…

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DATING IN FRANCE VS. DATING IN THE U.S….what I wish I knew | Whewww … do I have some stories for you 🙂. Dating in Paris has been QUITE the experience. In this video I’m sharing what I WISH I knew before jumping into the Paris dating scene (aka dating in France vs. dating in the U.S.), along with a few stories from my personal experience with dating in Paris. If you’re an expat moving to France and looking to date – WATCH THIS before you get yourself caught up ;).

In this video:
0:49 Dating in France vs. Dating in the U.S.
2:47 Personal Dating Stories
10:44 How I met baeeee

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Hey guys! I’m Tiff – a lover of food, travel, and good vibes. After traveling to Italy when I was 16, I made a promise to myself that I would live abroad before I was 30. And I made it happen! In 2017, I tapped out of my PRgirl lifestyle to pursue an MBA in Paris. Yes, Paris! The timing was all too perfect. Jumping out of my comfort zone and moving to Paris, was the scariest thing that I’ve done in life thus far, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. This channel is my outlet for sharing more about my life abroad and the life lessons learned along the way.


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