DATE IDEAS FOR AT HOME | Chicken and Waffle Breakfast Al Fresco! | CynJerTV Family Vlog

DATE IDEAS FOR AT HOME | Chicken and Waffle Breakfast Al Fresco! | CynJerTV Family Vlog


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Happy Sunday! You know what that means, another CynJerTV Family Vlog!! In this family vlog, we go on yet another date night. We love date nights. Since date nights and dining out can get very expensive, I planned a surprise date night at home for Jerry. I wanted a creative way to do date nights at home. However, it was a fail. Since our date night didn’t go as planned we did breakfast al fresco the next morning. We love dining outside, plus the chicken and waffles were delicious! Thank you guys once again for watching!!! We appreciate all of you! There are new family vlogs weekly. See you guys next week! Muah! ๐Ÿ™‚

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My husband and I are a young, newly married couple! Our names are Cynn (short for Cynthia) and Jerry! When it comes to having positive images of the Black family and Black relationships, we feel like the more the merrier! We do family vlogs, beauty videos which include natural hair care, makeup tutorials, beauty and make up hauls and more! We also love doing youtube tags and challenges as well! I also love a good DIY video! Join us for this fun ride as we (on occasion) vlog our day to day life and do other fun videos!

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