Creative Date Idea #39 Find Your Date | Say No to Netflix and Chill

Creative Date Idea #39 Find Your Date | Say No to Netflix and Chill

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In this video I have another creative date idea for you. Do you struggle to come up with fun different date ideas? Always revert back to dinner and a movie or “Netflix and Chill” as your date idea? That is why I wrote a book called “101 Creative Dates: Ideas, tips, and personal experiences from the life of a hopeless romantic”. I compiled a list of 101 different date ideas to help up your dating game. Whether you are married or single, there is something for everyone.

That brings us to this date idea #39 Find Your Date

I am a huge fan of treasure hunting and scavenger hunt activities, so I thought up this group date to go along with my love of adventure.

The date basically entails clues being dropped off at the dates’ houses. It helps if they know each other so that they can communicate well and search together. And what are they searching for? That’s right—this is a treasure hunt for you. They’ll get a clue, which leads to another clue. The first one might have them “go and look under the nearest big M.” Then they go to McDonalds and find the next clue, etc. It is up to you how many twists and turns you send them on. It would also be funny to borrow a car that they won’t recognize, follow them around and watch as they try and put the clues together that will lead them to you.

The tricky part is coming up with the clues. You want them creative but not hard to understand; fun but not too over the top. It’s not always easy to think of them but I’m sure you can think up something good. When you get to the end of the date, have dinner together and do something fun afterwards.
You could make it more interesting by having it be a blind date for one of the couples. That way she/he is anticipating the whole time who their date is going to be at the end. Intrigue is always a good night.

What you need for this date:

In order to make this date really fun you will have to think up clues. They can be little notes of paper with riddles on them that lead to the next clue. If the dates know each other, have them all meet at one of their houses, and that way you can leave the first note at their door. Maybe you can doorbell ditch them and then get out of sight, and when they leave, follow behind to the first clue. There’s a bunch of different ways you could do it, but just be sure to have something planned at the end. Make it pretty cool, too, because your date might get a little upset if after they reach the end of the clues you say, “Good job on finding us—time to take you home.”

My commentary on this date:

This is similar to a scavenger hunt, only for this you aren’t looking for objects, unless of course your date happens to be the object of your affection. This is something exciting, something new, and something sure to impress.

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