Career Conversations: Grads Who Write

Career Conversations: Grads Who Write

In this panel, professionals who are in different spectrums within the field of writing shared their career stories, and offered advice for aspiring students. This event took place on October 28, 2015 at 109 Atkinson Building (Harry Crowe Room).

Participating Panelists:
Bill Atkinson: CEO, Draaken Science Communications
Rosemary Aubert: Mystery Writer
Jason Lapeyre: Filmmaker
Eric Tyndale: Content Specialist, Foresters Financial
Ronnie Vogl: Sr. Technical Writer, Information Security, Metrolinx

Q&A Overview:

1. Panelist’s Introductions
0:13 Bill Atkinson’s Introduction
1:09 Rosemary Aubert’s Introduction
1:43 Jason Lapeyre’s Introduction
2:18 Eric Tyndale’s Introduction
2:42 Ronnie Vogl’s Introduction

2. What is your career story?
3:32 Bill Atkinson’s Career Story
6:01 Rosemary Aubert’s Career Story
8:02 Jason Lapeyre’s Career Story
11:14 Eric Tyndale’s Career Story
13:40 Ronnie Vogl’s Career Story

3. What is the importance of networking? What advice can you offer about networking? 16:04

4. What is a typical day in the life of a writer?
24:48 Ronnie Vogl’s Day
25:28 Eric Tyndale’s Day
26:20 Jason Lapeyre’s Day
28:37 Rosemary Aubert’s Day
30:10 Bill Atkinson’s Day

5. Is there a lot of work involved in this field? 33:38

6. What advice can you offer for finding your specialty in writng? 38:45

7. When is a good time to get an agent and how do you get an agent? 41:57

8. Would you recommend starting with a Canadian Agent or an American Agent? 49:59

9. Tips for getting recognition for your accomplishments? 52:25

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