Can You Really Attract Women By Being “Non Reactive”? Dating Concepts Breakdown!

Can You Really Attract Women By Being “Non Reactive”? Dating Concepts Breakdown!

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Have you heard of this idea of being “non reactive”? It’s a common topic on a lot of pua blogs from years ago…and when the seduction community became more mainstream it just stayed around as a concept.

It’s always confused me. So I did a bit of research.

Turns out that when guys give examples of this a lot of it seems to be focused on not getting frustrated or angry when women “reject” you…and by not reacting to negative vibes you’re getting from women you can maintain a sense of status and alpha male standing.

And sure…if you do encounter negative vibes a lot from women because you’re “hitting on” a lot of women in the old ways it’s definitely a useful idea not to get angry or frustrated.

However….when I see people try to employ this advice in practice I see a lot of guys who seem to think that being “non reactive” means not reacting much to ANYTHING.

So whatever happens, good vibes, bad vibes, when she says something funny, when she says something sad…guys think they need to sit there not react to much to seem alpha…

And that’s where I think this advice gets misunderstood. And where it potentially RUINS a guy’s game. In my experience how you react to what she does and says can make all the difference in the game of attraction, where the conversation goes whether you’re good at flirting or not!

Bottom line: In my experience you don’t need to be non reactive if you’re confident and not needy for validation from women. When something doesn’t work out there’s no mask to put on to save face. Because it truly doesn’t worry you. Because you had a good time anyway and were detached from the outcome from the beginning.

I’d recommend you react all you want and express yourself fully. In fact a lot of flirting happens through reacting. Of course, not being angry or frustrated is a no brainer…But if that’s how you often feel you really need to sort out neediness or a lack of confidence at the root. Not through pretending to not have a reaction….but by rebuilding your inner game in a positive and confident way.

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