Boyfriend Cares For Girl Paralysed Before First Date

Boyfriend Cares For Girl Paralysed Before First Date

A loyal boyfriend has been caring for his partner for three years after she was paralysed in a crash just days before their first date.

Narawut Phongyen, 31, first met his girlfriend Patcharaphan Lenkham, 21, through social media in July 2015.

The couple from Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, had been in contact for seven months without seeing each other in person.

They planned to finally meet for the first time in February 2016 but days before the date Patcharaphan was seriously injured in a car accident.

She was diagnosed with herniated disks, causing her body to be wholly paralysed from the neck down leaving her only able to move one thumb.

But instead of turning his back on the young woman he had never met, caring Narawut cancelled the restaurant and rushed to the hospital, where they had the first date as Patcharaphan’s lay in the hospital bed.

Narawut vowed to take care of her and has been looking after her every day since – helping Patcharaphan through gruelling physiotherapy which has seen her regain the use of her arms.

Footage taken last Thursday (29/08) shows how the dedicated boyfriend walks to her home every day during his lunch break to take Patcharaphan food and keep her company.

He has been spending more than three years feeding and washing her everyday. He also does housework for her, including washing her clothes and tidying her room.

Speaking in the video, Patcharaphan said that her boyfriend his her biggest motivation for trying to regain the use of her limbs.

She said: ”I’m very lucky to know him and have him in my life. But I also feel sorry for him because I know it’s very challenging to be with a disabled person.

”He is the reason I still do physical therapy and hope that one day I can walk again and stand by his side.”

The couple are staying together while hoping that one day they can start a family.

Narawut said: ”I feel better every time I arrive home from busy day at work and see her face. She also takes care of me as well.

”I also promise her and her family that if she is fully recovered, I will propose to her and have a big wedding in her village.”
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