8 Stand Out Tips For African Men Dating American Women | AFRICAN MEN

8 Stand Out Tips For African Men Dating American Women | AFRICAN MEN


8 Stand Out Tips For African Men Dating American Women
1. Are you original?
African men! If you are in the USA don’t try to fit in with the men here by changing who you are and adapting weird traits ex: sagging pants, slang, hurting women. Don’t allow the American culture to change you in a negative way. A lot of women like men that are original and different and are not trying to be like someone else. I love the uniqueness of African men (accent, culture, traditions) and this is something great that distinguishes you from American men.

2. Examine your bank account
Brothers if you are very low on funds and struggle with money, I don’t encourage you to date a quality woman right now. Save your money or wait until you are in a better position financially. A quality woman is looking to see if you will value her time and presence. How you date her is showing her how much you value her. A lot of men told me about how they don’t want to spend xyz on a lady because ladies are money hungry. Just because a woman requires a real date with real effort doesn’t make her money-hungry. Here’s the thing, it is your job to vet the lady well that you want to date. Men date women who they don’t vet, spend money on them and then complain. One guy spent a lot of money on a lady who he later found out was on drugs and didn’t appreciate his time and effort. He then stated that “all women are ungrateful and liars” which is wrong. The signs and red flags about a person are there along with your gut feeling.

These brothers are wrapped up in the outer appearance of the lady and everything else goes out the window. Look for compatibility along with attraction. What is a quality woman? A lady that has her stuff together & looks great, is drama-drug free and is going somewhere in life. A quality woman is going to want to go on a nice date, not Netflix & chill. I talked to several men before dating them and they started hinting that they don’t pay for meals and all women are money hungry. When I dug deeper I discovered that they were too broke to date me. They should’ve saved or waited until they were in a better financial situation to date.

I usually like to split the bill because of many reasons but a quality African guy will not allow his date to pay. Paying for a quality woman’s meal will cause you to stand out. No, financially well off African man ever complained about paying for my meal only men that we’re broke and low on cash constantly talked bad about it. Don’t be a guy who tries to make a lady feel bad and try to lower her standards because you can’t afford her. Step up your game, a quality one will not settle for a man that is half stepping. If you are truly serious about this lady, you will step your game up 100%.

3. Ask questions in a smooth manner
Again guys are getting caught up without asking crucial questions and later regretting it. Here are some examples. Hey, I was just wondering if you smoke or drink because occasionally I like a Guinness. I work at XYZ as a bla bla bla what do you do?

4. Your Swag
This is my fourth time stressing appearance on this channel. A handsome African man that has on fabulous cologne and looking good is my weakness lol. A woman sees your presentation before you open your mouth and it should be on point. You are already ahead of alot of dudes by looking great.

5. Thoughtfulness
You will truly stand out by being thoughtful and sweet. Buying your date a single flower or small box of chocolates is showing that you thought about her. You are stepping up the game into a woman’s heart. Not a lot of men do this. Chose a nice restaurant. It doesn’t have to be an expensive spot. Taste and thoughtfulness is the key. I love it when a man takes charge and has everything in order and knows where we are going and has something nice for me. A lot of men are lazy nowadays and don’t care to date a quality lady properly. Most men are looking for a quality woman but are not being a quality guy. Stand out!