7 Things That Offend Italian Women When Dating – Handle Carefully! – Pt 2 ❤️

7 Things That Offend Italian Women When Dating – Handle Carefully! – Pt 2 ❤️

7 Things That Offend Italian Women When Dating – Handle Carefully! – Pt.2
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Treat Your Italian Date with Care

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In part 2 of this 2-part series of “7 Things That Offend Italian Women When Dating – Handle Carefully!”, we will cover the final three pitfalls to avoid, PLUS a bonus section with a few eye-openers for you to DEFINITELY avoid!

And if you watch the video to the very end, there’ll be TWO further bonuses awaiting you in the form of an etiquette checklist….which you can find here:

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So, here are those remaining 3 ground rules to follow (# 5, 6 and 7), plus some bonus tips, when you go on a date with an Italian woman…

#5. Avoid Being Lazy.

Taking care and pride in your own appearance, dressing sharply, and being knowledgeable of current affairs gets you off to a good start in your date’s eyes.

#6. Not Taking the Lead When Paying the Restaurant Bill.

You might think chivalry is dead in the UK or the US or in Australia, but in Italy, it’s alive and kicking.

The man pays the bill during a date.


#7. Avoid Gifting Yellow Flowers.

In Italy, yellow is a colour of jealousy and malice, so don’t send any Italian woman yellow flowers, let alone your date.

By the way, gifts should be given in odd numbers, too.

It’s a superstition some women in Italy hold on to.


Here are some tips on how to make you stand out as ideal dating material!

(1) If you’re picking your date up in your car…. then a red Ferrari should be good enough…. (just kidding about the Ferrari!).

However, irrespective of what car you drive, there are two golden rules that you must always apply.

The first is to always open the door for your date from a standing position outside the car – not from leaning over to the passenger door and opening it from the inside.

And the other golden rule is to ALWAYS avert your attention away from her dress or skirt as she gets in and out of the car seat…. (especially if you DO have a red Ferrari!).

(2) Now, when it comes to opening a room door, the dating rules change, so this is one to be very careful of if you don’t want to offend your date.

It’s normal for the man to enter the room first, and NOT to open the door for the woman to take the lead.

(3) Greeting one another is usually a kiss on each cheek, however, do not refer to your date as your ragazza (girlfriend) or worse still, as your findanzata (betrothed, as in serious girlfriend!) from the off.

(4) When giving a present or gift to your date, do NOT wrap it in black or purple or mauve-coloured paper, as these colours signify death and bad luck!

(5) Another type of flower to avoid giving is chrysanthemums. These also symbolize…
However, the main purpose of this video is to know, and to be aware of what can offend your date.

So, with all of this information to hand, what can possibly go wrong?

Good luck with your dating.


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7 Things That Offend Italian Women When Dating – Handle Carefully! – Pt.2