7 Questions To Ask Him (dating advice)

7 Questions To Ask Him (dating advice)

Advice for my girls who are dating

It’s sooooooooooooo hard when trying to get to know people these days.
Especially someone we are so attracted to 😫

➡️ Sooooooo hard in fact, we just skip a few steps and go right to ‘exclusive’, ‘serious’ and of course the sex. 

➡️ There are a lot of things we need to know about a person BEFORE we ‘get serious’ and/or have sex with them. 

➡️ ‘Playing house’, sex and pretending ‘he’s the one’ is all fun and games until you’re pregnant by a man you’ve only known for 2 months and what about that dreaded STD? 

No one signs up for that but we kinda do 🤷🏽

➡️  Seriously, we all no the ‘dangers’ of sex BUT YOU think ‘it won’t happen to me’, so you do it (remember I’ve been there, so if you offended yourself that’s on you) 😉

My intention in this video is to get you to THINK about the quality of questions you are asking when you’re getting to know a man you are interested in because ‘what’s your favorite color’ isn’t cutting it anymore…. heck it never did!

(Shout out to my girls who are abstinent, like me, if you’re not, no judgment) 🤓 

“boyfriends don’t get husband privileges” 🍷

Ps. If you had an ‘A-Ha’ moment because of this video, I’d love to know! Comment below

Reka 💜

Cheers to you dating confidently 🥂 
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