10 Tips For African Men Seeking An American woman | Dating African men

10 Tips For African Men Seeking An American woman | Dating African men


This information is for quality men of African descent that are seeking to really love American woman.

1. Get educated
Many men that I have spoken to are not educated on how to handle a lady. If you are serious about finding an American queen to love you should be buying books and looking at relationship videos on YouTube from guy coaches such as Coach Corey Wayne and others. My favorite author G.L.Lambert also has a book that is out called “She ain’t it”. It is important to educate yourself on the mind of a woman and your approach.

2. Alpha vs Beta males
An African Alpha male shows a lot of confidence in his words and actions. Beta African men are the opposite. Are you an Alpha or not? They look women in the eyes and speak. They recognize their values and skills. They give off warrior vibes. Alpha African males help others and have a good heart.
You don’t have to be rude, disrespectful or mean to become an alpha. Alphas can connect with women in using emotions and getting on the woman’s level. Many people think you have to be all tough and crazy, that is not true. It all starts with believing in yourself.
Look up info about this.

3. Appearance on fleek
I have run into some African men that don’t care too much or are too busy to cultivate their appearance. Your presentation is the first thing that a woman sees. Make sure you are looking good and smelling good.

4. Be a gentleman
Some African dudes have too much ego and refuse to open the door to a place when they see a woman coming up behind them. Be kind and practice being considerate. This can create a chance for you to talk to that lady later on depending on the environment.

5. Desperation
Women can sense if you are desperate by the questions and the vibes you give off. This chases ladies away. Also, asking the same questions over and over in hopes of winning a lady will turn her off. Low self-esteem comes into play when a man has been rejected over and over and has come to a place where he feels undatable and many times reaches for the first lady that winks at him or is nice. Watch and research videos on YouTube on how to approach a woman. Develop your own swag.

6. Too much Ego
Anytime a man tells me this and that about him and how he’s the greatest, I automatically think that he is controlling. Avoid praising yourself too much because it is a turn-off.

7. Serious vs not serious…make a move
Women like men that take charge and make plans, I know I do. If you see that an American woman has taken interest in you avoid texting all the time and pick up the phone and ask her out on a date. A lot of men miss out because they are into playing games instead of taking action on a quality lady.

8. Show some effort!
Some men like to half-ass things. I have dated some men that didn’t want to take me out to a cool restaurant or show any kind of effort. I blocked them. Your effort shows how much you value her (flowers, dates, and time). A man that is into a quality woman will want to show her that she should date him. I found that some men are concerned about spending money on the wrong woman and refuse to show any effort… so this is why I go back to researching dating videos from men coaches.

9. Be honest
No American woman likes a liar. Be a man that is upfront and honest and truthful. Avoid exaggerating about stuff, it is a turn-off and women will know. Please take heed.

10. Annoying sexual advances/marriage too soon
Some men give off vibes that they want sex soon and that is a turn-off to women. Please avoid sending any dick pics or asking about the lady’s sexual history too soon.

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