10 Strict Rules Every Bachelor Contestant Has To Follow

10 Strict Rules Every Bachelor Contestant Has To Follow

The Bachelor Stars Have Some Serious Rules They Need To Follow
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There’s a reason why “The Bachelor” has stayed afloat since it first premiered on ABC in 2002. Okay, well maybe there are a few reasons. First and foremost, viewers love the drama. And secondly, people are suckers for a good love story. A handsome bachelor is chosen every single season, and he has to choose his future wife amongst a group of thirty women. All of these women are gorgeous, smart, and dedicated to making the bachelor the luckiest guy in America. But sometimes, things don’t exactly go as planned.

From the viewers’ standpoint, becoming a contestant on the show can seem like a lot of fun. But former contestants have opened up about what goes on behind the scenes. They’ve revealed all the strict rules they were made to follow, and most of these rules will surprise you. In this video from TheThings, we reveal the top 10 strict rules every “Bachelor” contestant has to follow.

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